Overview and Context

A social determinants of change model is key to the Healthy Ireland strategy, the basis of this model is that health services should consider social and environmental factors to ensure that services are accessible to those who may be traditionally excluded from services. In South Dublin County, demographics highlight that there is a need to consider Roma and Traveller populations; there are more than double the proportion of Travellers living in disadvantaged areas in South Dublin as compared to the county average.

There are significant pockets of disadvantage found throughout the South Dublin county.

The following key issues have been raised through stakeholder interviews and focus groups and were then endorsed through interagency workshops, as points needing to addressed in South Dublin County in order to increase the amount of people engaged in physical activity:

  • High risk populations – Lower income families, Traveller and Roma communities, and the homeless population are all at risk greater risk of health disparities in relation to access to services and the ability to implement advice
  • Access to amenities and services – not all areas have equal access to amenities such as parks and services. Where there are access issues such as safety concerns, this can restrict use of these in some more disadvantaged areas
  • The need for staff to have access to appropriate training in evidence-based programmes was also highlighted, as was the need for extended peer-based service provision where possible. The number of services